Rapid Deployment CCTV

Our Services Include:


  • Full site visit security assessment
  • Detailed site survey by our field based surveyor
  • Detailed system design layout and quotation


  • Pre-system assembly and testing prior to site attendance
  • Site installation including all cabling and commissioning
  • Full system test and commissioning through to monitoring station
  • All above by qualified engineers with CSCS cards when required

    • Accredited CAT 2 Remote Video Response Centres


    • Call out response
    • Annual Maintenance
    • Standard and Extended Product Warranty Cover


  • Routine annual “PMI” Preventive maintenance inspection(s) programme
  • Call-out service Mon-Fri and 24 hr available
  • Static camera tower uses the very latest 2MP IP cameras along with I-LIDS (Imagery Library for Intelligent Detection Systems) accredited analytics to ensure that your site is secure and false alarms are reduced to a minimum. The tower can be accessed through our app on any phone & tablet.

    • Feature: Four static 2MP 1080P IP cameras with motorised V/F lens
    • Benefit: Greater site coverage from simultaneous viewing of all 4 cameras and ability to remotely alter the required angle/field of view
    • Feature: Switchable on/off high intensity IR 70M LED’s illumination with 120 degrees spread
    • Benefit: Facilitates greater night time surveillance with no hot spotting of IR and allows better battery power management by switching off IR that are not required
    • Feature: Advanced (Intelligent) proven “Video Analytics” from industry leading manufactures Davantis and Bosch with I-Lids accreditation
    • Benefit: Remote multi scene set up and configuration of individual camera images results in greater detection of both persons and vehicles and reduced false alarms for your site
    • Feature: External audio horn speaker
    • Benefit: Ability to broadcast “live audio warning” direct to site
    • Feature: 3G and 4G connectivity
    • Benefit: Greater mobile network resilience and stability
    • Feature: Remote viewing access of all 4 IP HD cameras from app
    • Benefit: Real time remote viewing at you finger tips from any mobile device *requires internet access
    • Feature: Standard battery back-up of up to 60 hours or option of up to 110 hours redundancy

    Benefit: Standard 60 hrs will cope with normal weekend cover and 110 hrs will cope with bank holiday extended weekend cover

    Thermal tower uses the market leading thermal technology with iLids accredited analytics to ensure that your site is secure and false alarms are no longer an issue. The thermal tower can cover up to 600 meters with absolute clarity and confirmation.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Thermal up to 300 meters per camera
    • Video analytics
    • Battery backup to 50 hours
    • Add up to 8 additional thermal & IP cameras
    • 3G/4G connectivity
    • Remote viewing through app
    • Optional Hydrogen Fuel cell